Prestige clinches Web-jurist Awards

Prestige Assurance Plc., a leading general insurance company, received recognition and awards for its transformative digital strategy at the recently announced Web-jurist awards version 16.0.
Prestige Assurance won the award for ‘Customer Experience’ and second place ‘Accessibility’ in Insurance category.
The Web-jurist award powered by Phillips’s Consulting Limited started over a decade ago and looks very insignificant but today, it has turned out to be a great foresight that forms the building blocks of modern societies.
Web Jurist, as the name implies, seeks to examine the effectiveness of organizations’ websites without the website owners having the slightest knowledge that their websites were being examined. The independent examination lasts for close to one year and at the end of the year results are released and organizations are awarded in various categories.
The ratings which commenced in May 2001 with version 1.0 has its primary objective of critically and objectively evaluate the effectiveness of websites in Nigeria, focusing initially on the financial services industry and taking into account what the customer wants.
It examines adherence to key design principles such as legibility of text, functionality of graphics and appropriate use of colours. For the technical aspects, it examines the functionality of the site based on the ease of navigation as well as the security features implemented on the site. For site content, it evaluates the accuracy and freshness of information presented on the site as well as the presentation of the web content.

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